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Day Dresses

All day, everyday dresses. Smart enough for work, casual enough for cooling off afterwards. The women’s day dress is a wardrobe staple – sophisticated, simple and full of personality. Fine tailoring and simple silhouettes are key, giving you the freedom to make as much of a statement as you want.

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    Day Dresses

    No wardrobe should be without a good selection of day dresses. No other dress treads that fine line between cool and casual in quite the same way, day dresses are sophisticated, stylish and versatile – even before you consider just how easy it is to layer up on top of them. Plain, patterned or floral, it doesn’t matter, there is so much scope for creating unique outfits for work, play and every other part of the average day with women’s day dresses. With our carefully chosen selection of shift, wrap, drop hem and so many more cuts, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.