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Lace Dresses

The lace dress is an all time fashion classic. Timeless feminine style that is never not on-trend, from small inserts to sleeves and complete lace overlays, a little lace goes a long way to create a dress that is stylish, sophisticated and never out of place.

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    Lace Dresses

    Day or night, rain or shine, look to lace dresses for a hint of sophistication and a lot of texture to change things up in your latest looks. Pair heavy lace numbers with statement jewellery, and lighter lace with more minimal, paired-back jewellery – topping off either with strappy heels and bold make up. No other accessories needed – trust us. Our collection is made up of the latest and best lace looks to be found on brands big and small. The size of a brand doesn’t matter to us, as long as they share our commitment to quality and original design.