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Shirt Dresses

Lightweight and effortlessly casual, ladies – meet the shirt dress. The logical next step from borrowing a boyfriend’s oversized shirt, the shirt dress builds on and betters that – creating a longer, looser fit topped off with feminine flourishes like belts, bell sleeves and bold floral prints.

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    Shirt Dresses

    Light fabrics, loose fits in plained, printed or patterned options, shirt dresses are simple but sleek, stylish with a touch of sophistication. They can be as bold and daring as you want them to be, depending on the pattern, and we are all too happy to present our chosen few plain, printed and patterned options that still leave just enough to the imagination to make them a perfect fit for practically any occasion. Pair with your best heels to make a statement on your next night out, or layer up with jeans and ankle boots for a taste of true Brand Attic life style.