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Jumper Dresses

Featuring a varied selection of the best and brightest brands, from Only and Vero Mode to Vila, Jacqueline de Jong and Y.A.S., our range of jumper dresses is a who’s who of high quality knitwear. Always warm, always comfortable but never out of favour – we can’t recommend jumper dresses enough.

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    Jumper Dresses

    All of the warmth of jumpers and knitwear, with all of the sophistication and femininity of a traditional dress. Women’s jumper dresses are a relatively new arrival to our collection, but what an arrival they are. Their thick knits are practically made for pairing with over the knee boots and a perfect pair of pins. They’re available in a number of different fits too, some more free flowing, others more body hugging – whatever your mood, whatever your body shape, it’s a fashion opportunity too good to pass up.