Uncover & Discover....

Welcome to Brand Attic, a store and experience built to surprise you at every turn. After all, when you venture up to your attic, more often than not, you’re surprised by everything that you find – things you might have forgotten about entirely, mementos of crucial moments in your life, big and small. A celebrity you follow on social media might lead you to one particular brand, and as you browse their range, and read their brand story – you find a brand that seems as though it was specifically made for you. It’s everything you’d want it to be.

Brand Attic represents a new way to buy, a new way of thinking. For too long, customers have had to choose between quality, service and price when it comes to their online shopping destinations of choice. You usually have to settle for two out of the three, and we want to change that. Always changing, always improving, always looking to exceed your expectations at every turn. That’s what we want Brand Attic to be. It’s how we can continue to make the entire Brand Attic experience a pleasant and surprising one.

As for our actual offering – the contents of our attic, so to speak – your journey through our site should be one of discovery, of excitement. That’s discovery in any aspect of the experience as well, whether it’s uncovering a brand you weren’t expecting to see, or being taken aback by the final cost of your cart.

We aren’t your average department store. We want to be better than that, a department store that places as much importance on the actual experience it provides as the brands in its portfolio. It means that the Brand Attic you see today is one that will constantly evolve and change to better serve you and your personal discovery of brands to align yourself with and support. In other words, the Brand Attic you discover today, isn’t the same Brand Attic you’ll uncover tomorrow, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.